Inspiring Window Blinds Design Ideas for Your Home

by Amy Meinecke

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Investing in new window treatments is a great way to redecorate your home. You can certainly improve the appearance of your home by choosing new window treatments, but it is also an enjoyable experience to browse through the many options for drapery, blinds, and shades. These modern blinds ideas can help you make a perfect choice and find the perfect window treatments for every window in your home.

Classic and Timeless Blinds

blinds design - roman blinds Roman blinds and Venetian blinds are the most classic and timeless types of blinds you can find. They never go out of style, as some trendy window coverings do.

Venetian blinds give you a more substantial material to dress your windows. They come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal or plastic that cascades down from the top of the window. These can be tilted, raised, or lowered, so they can be adjusted for privacy and light levels to give you great lighting control.

blinds-design-venetian-blindsRoman blinds are made of beautiful fabric which gives you an almost unlimited number of choices in colors, patterns, styles and themes from which to choose. You can also choose between several different styles from the flat front Roman shade to a soft pleat style that shows graceful pleats when it is down and up.

Contemporary and Modern Window Blinds

If you are more in the market for something modern or contemporary, you have two great choices: vertical and roller blinds.

Vertical blinds can be made of many materials to match your decor or wood, metal, plastic or fabrics for a soft appearance. A Venetian blind and a vertical blind are quite similar as they can both be opened or closed to any height and the vanes can be tilted for filtered lighting.

Roller blinds are made of fabric and appear as a flat sheet of fabric when they are down. When raised, the fabric rolls up on a cassette at the top of the window to hide out of site. You can use any type of fabric you wish, from room darkening to light filtering and everywhere in between.

Creative and Unique Window Blinds

Fabric blinds give you so many choices in how your window treatments will appear and how they make a room feel. Matching a solid, neutral color to your trim of your windows is often an avenue that homeowners take. However, you can spice it up as you see fit.

Blinds can also add a punch of color to a room, which makes a more pronounced design statement. If your room is all solid colors with no pattern, choose a fun print or pattern and make your windows a work of art with a custom roller shade in an accent color from your rug. Choose woven woods or stained blinds to blend the colors of your room and add texture and interest to your windows if you’re not feeling bold.

Window Blinds for Light Control and Privacy

Blinds can be of many different weights of fabric, from sheer and flowing blinds to thick blackout blinds. If your window doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, you can choose sheer blinds to allow light into your indoor spaces even when they are down.

For bedrooms, many people choose blackout blinds for the ultimate privacy and to darken the room to promote peaceful sleep. Blackout blinds also curb all the UV sun rays and dampen outside noises while you are trying to rest.

Window Blinds for Unusual Windows

The best blinds for any type of unusually shaped window are custom-made so they fit perfectly and operate properly.

blinds design - bay windowsThere is a wide variety of window treatments available for bay windows. When measuring for bay windows, it is important to ensure your choice of product has adequate clearance in the corners.

Having an arched window is unique, attractive, and notable. These windows are not as difficult to cover as you might believe. We offer a wide array of window treatments that can be customized to perfectly fit your window opening. Cellular shades are available as stationary or operable to control the amount of natural light and privacy you need. Pleated shades and composite wood arches are also popular choices for covering arches.

It is possible to cover tricky angled windows with angle top cellular shades in your interior design. These shades come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can match any decor. The only drawback is that they will only lift to the height of the shortest side. Custom wood shutters have slats that can be tilted open or closed, so if this is an issue for you, consider this.

Window Blinds for Specific Rooms

blinds design - kitchen windowsThere is no better blind for a bathroom than mini blinds. They can add privacy when you need it while keeping moisture at a minimum.

Blinds with vertical panels are ideal for living rooms with sliding doors or balconies. They are also suitable for home offices.

Smart blinds allow you to control them with your phone or voice. You can program them to work based on the amount of sunlight or the time of day. You could use these blinds in any room that could benefit from technology, but they would not be appropriate for bathrooms or kitchens.

The best blinds for bedrooms are those that offer good light control, so you enjoy a good night’s sleep, such as Venetian blackout blinds.

Motorized and Smart Window Blinds

For the ultimate in energy efficiency and convenience, choose Smart or motorized window blinds. They integrate in to your Smart hub in your home, and you can set scenes with your other smart products as well. You can program them to open and close at specific times of the day, or operate them with the simple touch of a button.


There is such a large variety of styles and colors as well as materials in window blinds on the market today. You will surely find one that suits all your needs in lighting, privacy, and a wonderful color or pattern you love. Dress up a room and make your blinds the star, or you can match them to other items in your room for a cohesive appearance.

Contact us at Window Works Studios for all of your window blinds needs. We carry a full line of beautiful and exciting window coverings for your home.



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