Exploring the Best Shade Options for Elegant Arched Windows in Your Home

by Amy Meinecke

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Arched windows are a unique and beautiful architectural feature that can add elegance and style to any home. However, finding the right window treatments to complement their unique shape can be challenging. This blog will explore some of the best shade options to make your arched windows stand out.

Enhance Beauty and Function with Arch Window Shades

Arched window shades, also called arch shades or custom arch window shades, are specially designed to fit the curved shape of your arch-shaped windows. Getting custom-made arch shades is one of the best ways to dress your arched windows elegantly.

Arch shades come in various materials like fabric, solar, cellular, faux wood, etc. You can choose light-filtering shades to soften incoming light or room-darkening shades for privacy. Top-down, bottom-up shades are a great option for arched windows to maintain your view while controlling light and privacy.

Consider layering arch shades with other window treatments like drapery panels or valances for a more luxe look. You can also opt for motorized or automated arch shades to control them with a button.

Stylish Arch Window Covering Options

Along with arch shades, consider complementing your arched windows with other window treatments:

  • Elegant arched window valances can add a decorative touch while concealing hardware. Go for flowing, curved valances to highlight the arched shape. Choose rich fabrics like velvet or brocade.
  • Add a pop of color with fabric-arched window Roman shades. Choose shades with or without banding to coordinate with your room’s décor. Opt for blackout Roman shades to block light.
  • Faux-wood blinds can deliver a classic, timeless look for arched windows. Wood-toned blinds made from man-made materials are durable and easy to maintain. Add warmth with reddish-brown hues, or a sleek look with black-stained blinds.
  • Consider softly arched window draperies in luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, or linen for a romantic vibe. Go for full-length panels or café-style drapes, stopping at the bottom of the arch.
  • Bamboo shades are eco-friendly and come in weave styles like roller, Roman, cellular, and woven wood.

French Doors with SidelightsUnique Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Arched windows count as specialty-shaped windows. Along with arched windows, other unique window shapes include circular, oval, hexagonal, octagonal, and triangle windows.

Such uniquely shaped windows call for custom, specialty treatments designed specifically for that shape. Work with a professional window treatment specialist for a truly custom solution. They have the expertise to measure and tailor treatments for curved or angled windows.

Some custom options for oddly shaped windows include:

Cut-to-fit cellular shades – honeycomb shades can be trimmed to fit circular windows
Custom-cut wood blinds – faux or real wood blinds can be shaped for polygons or angles
Arched or circle-top draperies – panels can be cut and hemmed for a perfect fit
Specialty roller shades – choose from curved, circle, or other shaped roller shades

Window Treatment Tips for Arched Windows

Follow these tips when shopping for window treatments for your arched windows:

  • Take detailed measurements of the window opening’s width at the top, middle, and bottom. Note where the arch begins and ends.
  • Look for specialty vendors used to working with arched windows. They’ll have the right knowledge and tools.
  • Choose window treatments that complement the arch rather than distract from it for a pleasing look.
  • Layer multiple treatments like shades and drapes to create visual interest.
  • Hardware should be mounted at the apex or peak of the arch, so treatments hang properly.

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Dressing Arched Windows:

1. How can arched windows be measured for custom shades or blinds?

Due to the curved shape, take detailed measurements following the arch’s contour. Measure the width at the arch’s top, middle, and bottom for accurate custom-fit window treatments.

2. How much do custom window treatments for arched windows cost?

Custom window treatments are an investment, but prices vary widely based on materials, quality, and design complexity. Pricing for custom arch shades could range from $250 to $1000 per window.

3. Should the window treatment match the wall color or décor?

Window treatments don’t necessarily have to “match” décor colors. However, they should coordinate and complete the look. Choose hues and patterns that complement your color scheme and style.

Treat Your Arched Windows with the Elegance They Deserve

Arched window shapes demand window treatments that are just as special. You can show off your arched windows with custom arch shades, draperies, blinds, and more in the best possible light. For a free in-home consultation on finding the perfect window treatments for your arched windows, contact Window Works Studio today.


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