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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Window Blinds

by AmyB

08 22, 2022 | Posted in Education | 0 comments

When you choose window blinds for your custom window treatments, you have many different styles, kinds, colors, and materials from which to choose. It can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help you sort them out.

What Are Window Blinds?

Some people use the window treatment terms of window blinds and window shades interchangeably, but they are actually two different products. Window blinds have slats in them that can swivel to let some light into your home. You can also raise them all the way to get a lot of sunshine and warmth in cooler months or you can close them entirely in the summer to block out harmful UV rays and heat.

Why Choose Window Blinds Over Other Window Treatments?

Window blinds give you countless amounts of fabrics, materials, colors, patterns, and styles from which to choose. You are sure to find window blinds that you truly love with such a huge selection available. Some blinds are made of wood, PVC, or aluminum and these are very durable in high-traffic areas, especially for families with small children and pets. Blinds hold up to wear and tear much better than window shades do.

Types of Window Blinds

You have several types of window blinds to block out harsh UV rays and heat while making a statement of your windows at the same time. Cordless versions of blinds are easy to use and convenient and they are child and pet safe with no dangling cords.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the type of window blinds most people think of when shopping for window treatments. They have horizontal vanes that slightly overlap each other and you can tilt the vanes open for partial light in a room. You can also open or close them entirely if you choose.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a perfect choice for large windows or sliding glass doors. They open horizontally so you can have access to a patio door easily. The vanes are attached at the top of the window or door sill on a sliding rack and they hang down vertically.

Roman Blinds

You can have an instant upgrade in your home with luxurious Roman blinds. They are made from fabric to add a touch of class to your windows. Roman blinds work best in small to medium-sized windows in living rooms and bedrooms. You can also have a thermal backing on them to add an additional layer of insulation to your windows. For babies and toddlers as well as shift workers, you can add a blackout lining to keep bedrooms dark and make it easier to sleep in the daytime.

Roller Blinds

These blinds are very versatile and they are made of fabric in many different weights, types, colors, and patterns. They have a sleek design to add the finishing touches to any room in your home. You can operate them with a child-friendly cord or add motorization to them to add to your Smart home. For kitchens and bathrooms, choose a moisture-resistant fabric, blackout fabrics for bedrooms, and light and lacey fabrics for light filtering.

Wooden Blinds

There is no denying the beauty of wooden blinds with the lovely swirls and whorls of wood grain that are accented even further by your choice of stain or paint color. Custom wooden blinds are very popular for their stylish finishing touches and they give you great lighting and heat control. You can motorize your wooden blinds for windows that are hard to reach or for skylights for your convenience.

Window Blinds Materials

Choose from a large assortment of different materials for your blinds.


Fabric blinds give you the most choices in colors, patterns, and textures to seamlessly match your home decor no matter what the style is.


Vinyl blinds are easy to keep clean and maintain. They are very durable and work well in homes with small children and pets.


Wooden blinds are very heavy and durable for your window treatments. You can choose from many different paint colors or stains to finish them in flawless style,

Faux Wood

These blinds look identical to hardwood blinds but they are man-made to withstand heat and moisture as well as cracking, breaking, or fading, making them a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Faux wood blinds are also at a lower price point than hardwood blinds.


Plastic blinds are usually the least expensive option for you. They are available in many different colors and they are a long-lasting and durable product for many years.


Metal blinds are very durable and work well in high-traffic areas of your home or in windows that you will be opening and closing on a daily basis. You can choose from many different colors.

Things to Consider When Buying Window Blinds


Light and Privacy

Consider how much lighting control and the privacy levels you need in each window before choosing your new custom window blinds.


Blinds of all types are budget friendly and you can find several styles while staying within your budget.


Choose cordless blinds in any style for child and pet safety or add motorization to your blinds for the ultimate safety and convenience in your Smart home.


Window blinds made of hard materials are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Fabric blinds may need to be dry cleaned depending on the type of fabric you choose.

Find the Right Style

With all the options available in window blinds, you are sure to find the perfect fit for any window in your home.


Our highly experienced team of interior designers at Window Works Studio can help you to choose the best options in Jamestown, NC window treatments. We can show you many different options that will suit your needs in your FREE in-home consultation. Window blinds allow you the option of having window treatments that blend in with their surroundings in solid neutral colors or you can choose fabulous fabrics to make your windows a focal point in the room. Contact us today for blinds in Jamestown, NC. We look forward to meeting you!

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