Custom Drapery in Jamestown, NC

Custom draperies of all types are soft window treatments that soften the hard and straight lines in any space, such as square and rectangular objects, hard flooring, countertops, and bookcases. Drapery adds a real flair to show off your taste and personality in each room of your home.

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Our expert designers and seamstresses can create any look you want for custom draperies, including drapery panels, decorative side panels, window toppers, top treatments, trim, and drapery hardware to complete your own special look.



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Drapery panels are loved by homeowners for their ease of use, their functionality, and almost limitless styles and fabrics. Standard drapery panels usually have two per window in beautiful and fascinating fabrics with any solid color or pattern you can possibly imagine. When closed, your windows get more insulation near them for great energy savings, and you can slide them open to any position on each side to enjoy your beautiful views outdoors.y hardware so we can easily fit your drapery design to your personal style.

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Choosing custom drapery will allow you to choose from so many things for your home. You can choose the fabric, color, and pattern. You can choose drapery panels, sheer panels, cafe curtains, decorative side panels, window toppers, and so much more! Our expert designers can help you create the most beautiful, show-stopping windows that you can imagine.



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Your drapery hardware of choice is a finishing touch for your custom drapes. If you choose a type of heading on drapery panels in which the drapery rod shows through, such as tab tops or grommets, you want to pair them with a decorative drapery rod. If you choose a pleated heading, or a rod pocket heading, your drapery rod will be covered by the fabric. In this case, you can choose drapery hardware with magnificently decorative finials on the ends.

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At Window Works Studio, we have the most experienced staff in all departments to assist you in creating the most beautiful windows for your home possible. We only use the highest quality of materials and guarantee our work and our services to you. We even return after your products are finished, and professionally install them for you, so you have no worries. Call us today and find out what the Window Works Studio difference is all about. You’ll be glad you did!