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Window Works Studio Inc. in Burlington, North Carolina offers exquisite window treatments designed to elevate the style and functionality of your windows. Find stylish yet practical solutions by reaching out to us now at 336-854-6085!

At Window Works Studio Inc., our mission is to offer residents of Burlington, North Carolina, only the highest-quality window treatments. Our dedication to producing durable yet stylish solutions resonant with the thriving community.

Discover a Variety of Products

Our diverse product offerings include blinds, shutters, and window shades designed to improve both the aesthetics and performance of your windows. Beyond window upgrades, our team can also assist in transforming various spaces. When you partner with us, expect:

Complimentary estimates

Tailored solutions

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The essence of Burlington, NC, is embodied in our exceptional window treatment products. As proud members of this bustling city, which is home to a variety of beloved local establishments such as:

Window Works Studio Inc stands united with the flourishing local businesses. Throughout its storied history, dating back to its founding, Burlington has evolved into a thriving hub. When Burlington, NC, residents seek enduring window treatments, they trust us to deliver.

A Range of North Carolina Window Treatments

Our team presents an array of Burlington, North Carolina, window treatment products, encompassing:

Popular Blinds | window treatments Burlington, NC


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Elevate your space with North Carolina blinds that are both budget-friendly and stylish. Choose from a diverse catalog featuring options like faux wood blinds, contemporary aluminum blinds, classic wood blinds, and more.



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Achieve both climate control and aesthetic harmony with shades that come in an assortment of colors, designs, and textures. Our custom shades make a striking statement while maintaining environmental comfort levels in the room.

composite shutters | window treatments Burlington, NC


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The Window Works Studio will look even more elegant with timeless window shutters, an everlasting trend in Burlington. In addition to their visual allure, shutters help regulate light and temperature.

Window Works Studio double box pleated drapery window treatments


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Soft window treatments like drapery add warmth and coziness to any living space. For even more convenience, consider motorized drapery.

Window Works Studio chair slip cover


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Experience the transformative power of exquisite upholstery! Choose from an extensive range of classic to contemporary fabrics for a look that complements your living space,  just as we’ve enhanced windows throughout Burlington, NC.

Window Works Studio master bedroom window treatment and bedding ensemble


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Create the ideal blend of comfort and style with our carefully selected bedding solutions. From pillows to duvet covers, our personalized plans cater to your individual preferences while elevating every aspect of your sleeping space.

Your Premier Burlington, North Carolina, Window Treatment Destination

Window Works Studio Inc takes pride in offering unparalleled Burlington, North Carolina, window treatments. We are devoted to supporting this remarkable community and providing cost-effective, enduring solutions for your home.

Residents of Burlington, North Carolina, can explore our exceptional services by contacting us at 336-854-6085!