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Window Revival: Top Treatments to Breathe New Life into Your Windows

by Amy Meinecke

05 13, 2024 | Posted in Window Treatments | 0 comments

Are your windows starting to look a bit dull and old-fashioned? Does the interior of your home seem lacking that special something? Perhaps it's time to focus on your windows with top treatments that can bring something special. In this blog post, we will explore some effective window treatments to transform the living space and give your windows a new life, making your home an outstanding feature in its neighborhood.

Why Choose Top Treatments for Your Windows?

Cornice with Curtain - Window Works StudioLet’s start by understanding why top treatments for windows are a wise investment. Here are some key benefits:
  1. Aesthetic Improvement: Top treatments add a decorative touch that enhances the ambiance of your room. They help tie together your color theme, complement your furniture, and create a harmonious look.
  2. Control Over Light: With the right top treatment, you can manage how much natural light floods your room. This is especially handy if you find your space too bright or if you’re aiming for a cozier feel.
  3. Energy Savings: Some top treatments, like cornice boards or pelmets, can better insulate your windows and prevent cold drafts. This can save energy costs by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Now that we understand the advantages let’s look at some of the best window treatments to transform your home.

Valances: A Timeless Choice

Valances are a favorite choice for dressing up windows. They bring timeless elegance that can fit any décor style. Here’s what you might consider:

Swag Toppers

These are made by loosely draping fabric over a rod, creating a soft, flowing look that adds a bit of luxury to your windows. They can be customized in various fabrics to suit your style.

Tailored Valances

If you prefer a sleek, modern look, tailored valances are perfect. They have a neat, crisp appearance that works well in contemporary settings.

Draped Valances

These valances blend the beauty of swags with the structure of tailored valances. They involve soft folds of fabric draped elegantly over a rod, offering a sophisticated look that can adapt to any window size or shape.

Cornice Boards: Making a Bold Statement

Cornice boards are an excellent choice for those looking to make a strong decorative statement. These are mounted above your windows and provide a polished, architectural look. Here are a couple of styles:

Decorative Cornices

These bring added flair and texture to your windows. They can be covered in plush fabrics, enhanced with trim or tassels, or even painted to match your wall color.


Designed to extend slightly beyond the width of your window, pelmets hide the mechanics of your window treatments and offer a neat, unified appearance. They can be tailored to your window’s dimensions.

Swags and Tails: An Elegant Touch

For a touch of elegance and refinement, consider swags and tails. This style features graceful swags paired with cascading tails that create a visually stunning effect. Options include:

Custom Swags

These allow you to personalize your window dressing to perfectly match your room’s decor, from the fabric to the color and style.

Elegant Swags

Typically made from luxurious materials like silk or velvet, these are often detailed with intricate embellishments like beading or embroidery, ideal for more formal areas of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Treatments for Windows

1. Can top treatments improve energy efficiency?

Yes, options like cornice boards or pelmets can help insulate your windows and reduce drafts.

2. How do I pick the right fabric?

Consider the room’s style, color scheme, and how much light it gets. Opt for durable, easy-care materials.

3. Can these treatments be customized for my windows?

Yes, many window treatment providers offer custom services to ensure a perfect fit for your windows.

Boost Your Home’s Style with Window Top Treatments

Windows are more than functional elements in your home; they're an opportunity to express your personal style and add visual interest. Make your space inviting and stylish by selecting top treatments with style. Window Works Studio in North Carolina specializes in creating treatments to refresh and beautify windows, from luxurious swags to tailored valances. Our professional team is on hand to assist in finding treatments tailored specifically to you and your taste and needs. Don't let your windows remain uninspiring! Contact Window Works Studio now, and let us help transform them with treatments that will turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood.

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Designing Custom Window Treatments for Multiple Rooms

by AmyB

04 06, 2020 | Posted in Education | 0 comments

Have you struggled to come up with the right window treatments for each room in your home? You want to have a consistent look throughout the home, yet be able to address the individual needs for each space and the individual styles of those living in the home. In this Summerfield, NC home, we took on the task of designing multiple window treatments throughout. We considered the privacy needs and individual style of each space, as we assured a consistent flow through the home.  

Drapery for Child's Room

In this customers son's room, our client wanted window treatments that would grow with him. Choosing something neutral, and character free helps to accomplish this. These drapes were made in a fun neutral horizontal stripe, that can easily be transitioned into teenage decor. These custom curtains were made with a blackout lining, and designed to close across the windows, providing a room darkening option for quality sleep. During the day, the drapery can be opened to let in lots of light for play. Son's Custom Drapery  

Drapery for Guest Room

In this guest room, we selected Helser Brothers custom iron hardware in a French pole style. This style hardware is sleek and stylish in its simplicity. The drapery are fabricated with a soft linen fabric complimented with a simple, taupe colored tape trim along the leading edges. This style of trim adds interest and pulls color from the room to the neutral drapery.

Window Treatments for Teenagers

In the customer's teenage daughters room, we designed custom, black out lined roman shades. The crisp white linen fabric is spiced up with a colorful woven trim along the bottom to coordinate with her fun, vibrant bedding. The trim is hand-sewn, so it can be removed and changed to a different color and style in the future, if desired.    

Master Suite Window Treatments

Elegant and functional drapery were called for in this master bedroom. The room had light colored bedding and lovely blue wall. Our job was to select fabric to compliment the existing colors and style, while providing room darkening for sleep. We chose the same white linen we used in the other bedrooms and featured a tape trim banding that incorporated the pretty blues from the room. The drapery was made to close across the window and because we used a blackout lining, provide room darkening when needed. Once again we used custom iron hardware by Helser Brothers to make a statement and provide consistency through the house. For the master bath, we used Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades. Their semi-opaque liner keeps the room light while still providing privacy. The fabric was chosen to compliment the room without distracting from the stunning copper tub! Master Bedroom Master Bath It is possible to highlight personal style, while addressing functionality and the aesthetic of the home. Choosing to have custom window treatments gives you so many wonderful options.                      

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Southern Ideal Home Show

by AmyB

03 21, 2016 | Posted in Awards | 0 comments

sihs logo

Window Works Studio will be at The Southern Ideal Home Show in Greensboro April 1-3. This year Window Works Studio, inc. has been given a face lift!  Compared to the display you see below at last years show, this year we are offering the same great services and fabulous window treatments with a whole new modern look and feel! Stop by and see our fantastic new display! There will be numerous exhibitors, demonstrations, giveaways, even celebrity appearances and a balloon garden!

Follow the link to get all the information you need in regards to the Southern Ideal Home Show 2016:


SIHS Booth 2015


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