Window Shades in Jamestown NC

Window shades are very versatile for your home or business. They can be understated and minimalist to over-the-top beautiful with a lot of styles and anywhere in between. You can also choose from a literally endless supply of fabrics and trims to make your particular window shades an extension of your personality.

Finest Custom Window Shades in Jamestown NC

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We use only the highest quality materials to fabricate your window shades, so you know they will be a long-lasting and durable product. We are so confident in this that we guarantee all of our products as well as our services. Custom window treatment companies can source fabrics and trims from other professionals that homeowners and business owners don’t have access to, so we can bring you the finest products available on the market today.


Roman Shades

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Roman shades are very beautiful and classy in any window. You can choose from several different types, such as the flat Roman shade that appears like a flat piece of fabric when it is down, but makes neat and tidy folds at the top of the window when it’s raised. The soft fold Roman shade allows you to see folds both when it is down or up. Choosing a luxurious, thicker fabric for your Roman shades adds elegance to your home or business.

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Roller Shades

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Roller shades are simple in their design with clean and crisp lines. They appear like a flat piece of fabric when they are down and when you raise them, the fabric rolls up on a cassette at the top of the window out of sight. This type of window shade gives you more unobstructed views of the outdoors than Roman shades.

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Honeycomb Shades

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Honeycomb shades or cellular shades are highly energy efficient because of the way they are constructed. There are tiny cells sandwiched in between two layers of fabric to trap hot air in the summer next to your window and cold air in the winter in the same manner. This won’t allow outside temperatures into your spaces, so you can use less energy all year round to heat and cool your home or business.

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Woven Wood Shades

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Woven wood shades are considered the most casual type of window shade. They are made from grasses and bamboo in beautiful shades of tan, green, and other neutral colors. The materials are woven together into a sheet. Interestingly, the tightness of the weave dictates how much light is blocked, but light does peak through in tiny dots to play on your walls as a fascinating nighttime view for a romantic appearance.

The Best Company for Window Shades in Jamestown NC

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Our highly experienced team can create any type of window shade that you desire. We can also add other stylish elements such as a scalloped bottom edge and beautiful fabric trim on the sides, bottom, or both for a pop of color as an accent for custom window shades in your spaces. Contact us to see all your possibilities for your Jamestown NC window shades and custom window treatments in Jamestown NC.