How to Choose the Right Window Treatments

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The right window treatments can totally transform all of the indoor spaces in your home. There are virtually endless possibilities from which to choose styles, types, colors, textures, themes, and patterns in every type of window shading product you can imagine.

Window treatment options


Window treatments set the tone of the room for you, and just choosing something very simple can deduct from the overall appearance and make it boring and non-inviting. Learning about all the different types of window treatment products and the styles and options as well will help you to make an informed decision to beautify your home while being functional at the same time. The two main categories of window treatments are hard treatments and soft treatments.

Window Blinds

Blinds are window treatments with vanes in them for better light control than some other options. Window blinds are considered hard window treatments as they can be made of wood, wood alternatives, metal, or aluminum. Blinds are timeless and can be horizontal or vertical. There are modern blinds that are stylish instead of the old mass-produced vinyl blinds of past years.

Window Shades

Shades are available in many different styles as soft window treatments. They are made of fabric or other woven material that can provide your indoor spaces with elegant touches as custom products. You have many options in styles, including luxurious Roman shades, affordable roller shades, energy-efficient honeycomb shades, and casual woven wood shades.


Drapery for your window coverings gives you the most different styles and options available, especially when you layer your window treatments. Drapery is a soft window treatment that is very customizable for any home. You can also choose a hard treatment as your first layer, and then add drapery on top, or have two or more layers of drapery products for a grand appearance. Choose from drapery panels, sheer panels, valances, and cornices as top treatments, and add any type of trim you wish for embellishments.


Indoor plantation shutters are a classic and beautiful window treatment that gives your windows an instant upgrade. Made of wood or a composite wood product makes shutters are extremely durable and long-lasting, and they usually come with a lifetime guarantee. You can choose from several styles, such as full panel, tier-on-tier, or cafe shutters. Each style can be painted or stained in any color you desire to match your decor seamlessly.


Our Top Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments



You should always make a budget as to what you can afford when it comes to new window treatments. It’s very easy to go over budget with all the different options available. One of the most important aspects is to choose quality products from a well-known manufacturer, such as Hunter Douglas. This will ensure that your products are long-lasting and durable to give you full functionality for many years to come.

Window Treatment Materials

Your window treatments should be highly functional to fit the room they are in. Choose more sturdy types of hard window treatments if you have pets or small children in your home so they will be more durable. Also, choose a style that is child-safe without any dangling cords to harm little ones. Choose your materials based on how much light and heat you get in the windows. Thicker fabrics and hard window treatments are better at blocking the hot sunlight and UV rays from entering your home while insulating your windows at the same time. For windows that don’t get excessive sunlight, you can choose products that are light filtering and pretty.

Functionality and Style

Not only do your want your window treatments to control your heat gain and light, but you also want them to be highly functional. Layering window treatments gives you many options and an over-the-top style in each window. Consider hard treatments with drapery panels on top, sheer panels as your first layer, and thicker drapery panels for your second layer. You can close both for total privacy and light control, open the drapery panels and let the sheer panels give you filtered light, or open both to be able to see outside clearly.

Color Scheme

Contemporary homes are often either monochromatic or have neutral colors without a lot of patterns in them. Adding window treatments in a solid color that is a shade or two lighter or darker than the walls can make a statement without being too loud, so they blend into the room, but add some interest. Instead, you may want a bright window treatment with added color to make it a statement piece in each room and give it your character and personality, as well.

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