Different Types of Roman Shades

by Amy Meinecke

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Roman shades are quite luxurious, and they add beauty and style to all of your windows. You have an unlimited supply of fabrics from which to choose in different colors, weights, patterns, themes, and styles. You also have several different types of Roman shades to choose from to match your interior decorating style, as well.

What are Roman Shades?


Roman shades are soft window treatments made of fabric that are a combination of drapery with the functionality of window shades. They are usually made of luxurious fabrics, such as velvet, linen, and wool, and they give depth and texture to your windows.

Roman shades are versatile because you can dress them up or down in any room and in any fabric you wish. You can choose to customize them with different fold styles and drape styles. They are easy to operate with a pull cord or a continuous loop cord for child safety. You can also choose to have your custom Roman shades made in a cordless design, and their classic look never goes out of style.

Significant Style Variables of Roman Shades


Choosing different options makes Roman shades highly customizable with different shade styles, fabric choices, and hanging options that dictate how they will look in your windows.

Shade Style

You can choose from the simplest style of Roman shades to blend in with their surroundings, or you can choose other styles that have more volume and look more luxurious, or anywhere in between.

Fabric Choice

Choose a thinner fabric for windows that don’t get a lot of heat and sunlight in them so they will be light filtering when the shades are down. For more privacy control, choose a thicker fabric that is room-darkening when the shade is down. The thicker fabrics look best with the fuller styles and are often used in bedrooms for privacy.

Hanging Option

You have two main hanging options for your Roman shades. The interior mount option mounts the top of the shade inside the top of your window frame for a clean and crisp look. Otherwise, you may decide to hang your Roman shades on the wall above the window frame. This option makes your rooms look taller, and it doesn’t obstruct your view at the top of the window when they are fully opened like the interior mount option.

Types of Roman Shades


Standard Flat Fold

The standard flat-fold Roman shade is perhaps the most common type that you will think of when it’s mentioned. They have a very sleek and modern appearance. When down, this style looks like a flat sheet of fabric, but when you raise them, the shades stack in horizontal folds at the top of the window. Lighter-weight fabrics are generally used for this style.

Plain Fold

The plain fold Roman shade has neat and tidy horizontal folds in the fabric both when it’s down or raised to add extra interest and texture as well as depth to your windows. The folds are heavier and wider than the standard flat fold, and medium to thicker weight fabrics work best with this shade.

Soft or Hobbled Fold

The soft or hobbled fold type of Roman shade is also commonly called a teardrop or looped shade. The bottom hemline is straight across, but the folds are rounder and softer than other types. This style gives you the most volume at the top of the window when it’s opened, and more luxurious and thick fabrics suit it best. When the shade is lowered, you still see the shape or curved folds for an airy or quite romantic feel in a formal setting, such as a dining room.

European Fold

Roman shades in the European fold style don’t have a rod sewn into the bottom of it, as the other styles do. This gives the fabric a relaxed appearance with a natural curve at the bottom of the hemline that is often called a soft smile. This is a calming and soft style that is perfect for a nursery to create a serene atmosphere, but it also works well in formal settings, such as living rooms and dining rooms.

We Help you Find the Perfect Roman Shades for your Home


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