Protecting Little Ones: Selecting the Best Child-Friendly Window Coverings

by Amy Meinecke

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Safety should always be of top importance when it comes to raising children in your home, and window coverings that pose potential hazards that should be considered carefully as parents. While we want our kids to enjoy natural sunlight while being safe from potential dangers like broken glasses and window panes, window treatments that meet both criteria without endangering our young ones’ safety is important. This guide can assist in selecting child-safe window treatments for your home.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Window Treatments for Kids’ Rooms

HD Roller Shade 3When looking for window coverings for your kids’ rooms or play areas, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:


Safety should always come first when choosing window treatments for spaces where children spend time. Look for cordless blinds and shades whenever possible. If the product does have cords, they should have inaccessible cords or tension devices to prevent strangulation hazards. Also, opt for shatterproof window treatments.


Consider how you want the window treatments to function in the space. Do you need a total blackout for nap time? Are you looking for privacy at street level? Consider the use of the room and look for options like blackout cellular shades or solar screens.


While safety is paramount, you can still find window treatments that align with your home’s style. Prints and colors allow you to incorporate your child’s preferences. There are also youthful options like embroidered Roman shades and tailored curtains.

3 Child-Safe Window Treatment Options to Consider

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Here are some specific child-friendly window covering options to consider for your home:

Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds, like cordless cellular shades and faux wood blinds, remove the possibility of cord strangulation. Without cords, you can rest easy knowing your child stays safe near the windows. Cordless blinds come in many colors and materials to match any décor.

Smart Shades

Smart shades offer convenience and safety through automation and cordless lift systems. Use an app or voice control to raise and lower roller shades, solar screens, drapery panels, and more. Smart shades increase accessibility while keeping cords securely out of reach.

Roman Shades

Roman shades fold up neatly when raised instead of having dangling cords. Choose cordless lift options as well as opaque blackout fabrics or whimsical prints. The gathered look of a Roman shade adds playful style to a kids’ room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child-Safe Window Treatments

1.How can I childproof curtains and drapes?

Use child-safe tie-back hooks placed up high, well out of reach. Avoid dangling cords. Install curtain rods securely using wall anchors.

2.How do I make existing blinds and shades safer?

You have a few options to improve safety. Tie up cords and use cleats to anchor them out of reach. Retrofit products are available to cut cords short or contain them. Lastly, replace corded products with cordless alternatives.

3.Are smart shades worth the investment?

Smart shades may be pricier, but they offer increased functionality, privacy, accessibility, and safety by eliminating cords. For many families, the benefits are well worth the investment, especially in rooms used by children.

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Give Your Kids a Safe and Stylish Space

Do your research and partner with a professional like the experts at Window Works Studio Inc. when selecting window treatments for your kids’ spaces. We will help you balance safety with design to create the perfect environment. Give your children a comfortable, protected place to play and grow by putting safety first. Reach out today to get started choosing child-safe window treatments that reduce risks while perfectly complementing your home’s style.
Investing in the right window coverings keeps your most precious family members secure. Our experienced team is ready to guide you in finding stylish, safe options for your kids’ rooms and play areas. We’re here to answer your questions and ensure you choose durable, cordless window treatments that stand up to your children’s activities. With the right coverings, you can filter light, enable natural views, and darken rooms for naps—all while minimizing hazards. Contact us today to get started designing a dream kids’ space that is both safe and beautiful!


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