Are Motorized Window Treatments Worth It?

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2014 MOTO APP PV PR LifeScape Kids Room Ipad2014 MOTO APP PV PR LifeScape Kids Room Ipad        A Quick Guide to Motorized Window Treatments and Their Benefits

We live in a time of unparalleled engineering and technology. Many of the tools we use in our daily lives are conveniences we wouldn’t have dreamed of a decade or two ago. Or, if they existed, we considered them novelties.

Not so long, motorized window treatments may have seemed like this. Now, they’re a popular seller. You may be wondering, though: Are motorized window treatments worth it? Keep reading to find out just how useful this type of window covering can be!


 What Are Motorized Window Treatments?

Motorized blinds for windows are probably just what you’re imagining. They’re window coverings with a motorized design. They can tilt open or closed, lift up or down, or slide back and forth with only the touch of a button.

Many motorized blinds and shades are operated with a re220th sm sHyjDDHibMtImote control, but some work through simple touch. For example, motorized blinds by Hunter Douglas feature a Soft Touch model that are moveable with a gentle push or pull of the wand. Many motorized blinds are battery operated, but some are hardwired for an electrical connection. There are even a number of options for solar-powered motorized blinds.220th sm dpUDaU8G7piW

Motorized Roman shades are another option. We custom design and fabricate Roman shades at our shop here in Jamestown, offering you the fabrics, prints, patterns, and colors you want for your home. Plus, we can then motorize and install the shades for you.

If you prefer the look of drapery, but still want a motorized product, we can use custom drapery rods that open and close with the touch of a button. These custom rods can plug directly into your electrical outlet or work with a rechargeable battery.


 Top 3 Benefits of Motorized Blinds and Shades

While they may seem like a luxury, motorized blinds offer a number of benefits for any homeowner:


  • They’re child and pet safe. 

Window blind cords are notorious safety hazards for younger and furrier family members. Motorized blinds eliminate this concern.220th sm 0spdiF9KlXOL

  • They make it easy to operate blinds in difficult-to-reach locations.

If your windows are up high , it can be impossible to operate them without the aid of a ladder or other precarious options. Motorized blinds for windows allow you to adjust the window coverings to your liking, any time, from the comfort of your chair. Motorized blinds for skylights are also and option. Many people leave skylights uncovered because it would be difficult or impossible to reach them. But motorized blinds make the convenience of blinds possible even in this area of your home.

  • They allow you to customize the lighting in your home- without the hassle. 

If you want to darken a room for Tv viewing, a sleeping baby, or any other reason, you can immediately close motorized blinds with the touch of a button… then open them again as soon as you’re ready. Or, you can connect the motorized system to your router and control your window treatments with your smart phone, as well as, pre-set times of day for the shades to open and close on their own. If lights-out periods are a common need in your home, you may want to check out motorized blackout blinds. Hunter Douglas’ Lightlock blinds are a great option. And don’t forget one of the largest areas of natural light in your home: your patio doors. Motorized blinds for sliding glass doors will open and shut from side to side.


Are Motorized Blinds Worth It For Your Home? 

With the genuine benefits motorized blinds can bring to your home and lifestyle, choosing them may seem like a no-brainer. But with the variety of options available, the next question is centered on which style-or styles-to choose.

A Window Works Studio, we can make that choice easy for you. We’re window experts who are familiar with all of the available options, including motorized blinds installation. As a Hunter Douglas-authorized dealer, we can walk you through the different models they have and help you select the best one for you. Or, if you prefer a more customized look, we can create motorized Roman Shades or drapery for you in our shop.

Give us a call today to get started!220th sm 09LdvoluZ92e


Ready to bring safety and convenience to your window coverings? Motorized blinds and shades are the answer!

Choose from a wide range of motorized blinds-and we can custom design your motorized Roman Shades and Drapery!

Call us at 336-854-6085 to learn more. 





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