Enhancing Your Interior Design With Soft Window Treatments: 3 Tips And Tricks

by Amy Meinecke

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Soft window treatments may sound extensive and even unnecessary, requiring tons of tools and materials that contribute to a complete renovation. However, you can put down the paint cans, brushes, and toolbox. With window coverings like shades, blinds, and curtains visually improving your windows, these minor furnishings are enough to enhance window structures and your interior decor.

Unfortunately, choosing deep burgundy fabric curtains with elegant swirls for rustic quarters or short curtains for a room with a low ceiling are just a few mistakes that could alter your room’s appearance for the worse. Rather than purchase inappropriate coverings time after time, wasting time, money, and energy, let the pros, relay appropriate options for you below.

What Are Soft Window Treatments?

Soft and hard window treatments are accents residents and business owners place over their windows to incorporate flair, style, and balance in their spaces. However, they can have polar opposite textures and appearances. While soft window treatments comprise delicate and flowy materials, hard window treatments incorporate more sturdy matter like wood, metal, aluminum, and composite.

Different Types of Soft Window Treatments

Curtains and Drapes

Curtain and drapes soft window treatmentsCurtains and drapes are ideal for adding a softer texture to your walls and window frames while dulling highly geometric or angular areas with luscious flowing fabric. Although many use the terms interchangeably, curtains fit the cut and size of your window more accurately, barely going beyond its dimensions. Drapes are more overwhelming, with thicker material falling to the floor.


graber 5360 soft roman shades rs16 v1Shades are another soft window treatment that uses fabrics, like curtains and drapes, to create a warm and welcoming environment. However, most come with cords and spring devices that allow you to draw them up or to the side with the pull of a string. Other advanced options work on an automatic timer or with remote or mobile device connectivity to maneuver them automatically.

How to Choose the Best Option for Your Home


These three options come in multiple colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. You can opt for the minimalistic approach with monocolored designs and simplistic shapes or make them the highlight of your room with contrasting colors and images.

However, which is the best option for your home? If you have a lot of plants or want to brighten up a darker room, consider sheer roman or roller shades or flimsy curtains that lightly filter sunlight while granting viewing access to your outdoor landscape. To keep passersby from peering in or protect sensitive wood furniture and flooring, try opaque shades or heavy draperies as soft treatment features.

For the best of both worlds, consider layering soft window treatments like a thin shade under a thicker drape. These layers create two levels of sun filtration depending on your mood or current comfort requirements.

Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your Interior Design with Soft Window Treatments


#1. Getting Creative With Designs

Unlike hard window treatments, soft types of window treatments use designer fabric that can portray anything from a few whimsical, swirling shapes for a chic appearance to a full-out landscape painting that acts as a focal point on your bedroom windows.

While you can choose any image to spice up a bland room, consult professional designers to determine the most pleasing colors. You can also mirror your existing bedspread, rug, and cloth furniture designs in your new custom window treatment products making these eye-catching pieces stand out in a muted room for balance.

shades with cornice#2. The Accents for Your Accents

We’ve established these soft window treatments are accents for your windows, but sometimes they need an accent piece too! Adding frames like valances, lambrequins, or drapery panels outline the fabrics better, making them more pronounced. Thick or darker borders create depth and elegance around your windows, while flimsy or decorative ones add aesthetics like delicate artwork.

#3. Playing with Texture

If you have a clustered area that needs a breather, shades are best since they’re form-fitting to your window with no loose fabrics. The sleek and effortless appearance is ideal for a modern or minimalistic approach, but consider drapes and curtains for something more free-swaying and elegant.

From short ruffled curtains for your smaller kitchen window to long, thin, airy ones leading out to a balcony, curtains and drapes come in more textures than shades. And remember, the thinner the material, the softer the appearance of your soft window treatments.

Need Professional Help? We Know How Windows Work!

Sometimes it takes professional design consultants to determine the flow and needs of your rooms. Our 20-year-old business gives you an in-home design consultation where we uncover the perfect fit for your preferences, windows, and interior design. We’ll then customize design options before our next visit.

If you’re looking for the most hands-off approach to your perfect designs, contact us or call Window Works Studio at (336) 854 6085 for custom window treatments in Jamestown, NC, today!


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